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Luxury FBH project, England

Apropos a UK-based luxury designer of aluminum and glass structures has completed the FBH project. The contemporary new build atrium can be found in Hale, England.

According to the architects: “One of our commercial designers was approached by an architect to help them to bring glazed aspects into the property which would enhance the light and be in keeping with the design. The shape and style of the house is based on traditional building designs bringing in modern elements such as glazed roofing.

“The use of folding sliding doors to the rear of the luxury British property allows the client to open their living space into the garden. The glazed roof inserts allow the natural light to enter an otherwise dark room. The aluminium windows allow for continuity throughout the whole project.

“An award-winning project which the client can live and entertain in. The contemporary brick design combined with the glass and aluminium doors, windows and roofing provide a stunning property which is in keeping with its natural surroundings.”

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November 26, 2012 | Property | View comments

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