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Luxury Curitiba apartment by Leandro Garcia


Curitiba-based architectural practice, Leandro Garcia, has designed the Ahu 71 project. The luxury apartment is located in Curitiba, Brazil. Designed for a young couple, the project explores the use of various materials both to distinguish and associate the different uses and spaces of the luxury apartment.


According to the architects: “The social area, which floor is completely covered with Cumaru hardwood, is formed by three fully integrated spaces: living room, office and dining room. The furniture of the living room and the office, which is predominantly coated by natural wood veneer, consists of a large stand and a wide sideboard with shelves, respectively. In the dining room, a white table designed by the architect incorporates and references the adjacent environments: a barbecue – a very common item in houses and apartments in the south of the country – inserted into an off-white textured volume, and the kitchen that has white furniture.

“These two spaces are coated with granite floor and communicate to the dining room, through large doors, and between each other, through a horizontal opening over the countertops that were executed with the same finish as the floor. In a nutshell, it can be affirmed that the wooden elements (floor and furniture) identify the most social areas, and, on the other hand, the granite floor and counters and the white items area associated to service functions, noting that the white dinner table acts as a transition element in these spaces.

“In the intimate areas of the luxury Brazilian apartment, the floor is covered with the same wood as the social area, and the finishes of the furniture varies between white and wood.”

Images courtesy of Wmelão

Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

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