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Luxury Bramham Gardens by Keir Townsend


London-based interior design studio, Keir Townsend, has completed the Bramham Gardens project. Finished in 2014, the luxury home is located in London, England. 

Though relatively new as an interior design partnership, Irina Townsend and Alastair Keir have already amassed a prestigious portfolio of residential and commercial work including the highly-acclaimed Novikov Restaurant and Bar in London’s Mayfair (which Adelto is reviewing next month – so watch this space!)


Their firm specialises in high-end interiors providing a handpicked selection of exclusive furniture, flooring and lighting that has been sourced internationally. Most of the pieces are bespoke and many are made to Keir Townsend’s own designs (which we love).


Bramham Gardens is 40 square metres property comprising kitchen/dining/sitting room, one bedroom and en-suite bathroom.


The designers decided to knock down walls in order to create one space for the kitchen/dining/sitting room and to make movement around the apartment as easy and comfortable as possible.


Surfaces have been finished in a neutral colour palette, monochrome, light tones in a variety of materials and textures create the illusion of space. “A common misconception is that the fewer pieces of furniture and features you have in a space – the bigger it looks,” says Irina Townsend. “In fact the more zones and features you have the more it creates different spaces within one room. It is all about the right size of furniture, the right fabrics and the right lighting,” she adds. In this room every centrimetre of space has been cleverly utilised so that it doesn’t appear cluttered. Splashes of colour have been introduced through the use of soft furnishings.


The bespoke kitchen cabinetry was designed by Keir Townsend and made by their joinery department. Splash backs are in antiqued bronze mirror glass with safety backing and polished edges. Dining table and chairs and chandelier are all bespoke and were commissioned by Keir Townsend. The flooring has been made by using wooden square tiles.


The designer picked LED lighting to dramatically illuminate the basin in this small bathroom, which measures only 1600mm x 1400mm. The basin itself is made from recycled glass and is lit from beneath with warm LEDs to create a stunning effect. The taps are in crystal and the cabinets are all bespoke – wall tiles are glass backed with silver and antique gold leaf. Emperador ceramic tiles were chosen for the walls and mosaic tiles in the shower. Floor tiles are ceramic, textured wood effect.


Monochrome colours and a variety of textures and finishes have been used to create a feeling of space in this relatively small but luxurious bedroom with en-suite bathroom. Every inch of space has been cleverly utilised to create maximum storage. Leather floor tiles add to the feeling of luxury.

Images courtesy of Jake Fitzjones

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