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Luxury architectural design at Wolf House, Melbourne


Victoria-based architectural practice, Wolf Architects, have designed the Wolf House project. Completed in 2013, the luxury property was designed for connectivity within the family members. The home can be found in Melbourne, Australia.

The Wolf house was designed for a young family of five people. It is an  example of many ideas at once, due to a very detailed and specific brief.

The home was built to be energy efficient, promote connectivity between the family members through sound, views and vistas. The luxury property also includes an office which can operate independently without impeding on the residences privacy.

The architects faced many challenges in the design process. They chose to retain certain elements of the previous 1940s residence for cost saving reasons and in consideration of embodied energy and memories. These included:  the existing master bedroom and en suite which was renovated several years prior and a yellow brick tunnel which has a mural painted by the owner.

When you arrive at the house you enter via a formal pedestrian entry. Beyond that is a contemporary Chinese garden which in itself is a playful expression of east meeting west.

A bridge over a dry riverbed directs you the office at the rear. The office can accommodate several people and has its own bathroom and kitchenette. This allows for it to become another bedroom or granny flat at some point in the future. Resale is always an important consideration and most of the spaces were designed to be flexible in use. At Wolf Architects we often feel that one of the most unsustainable things in houses is doing premature renovations. Houses need to be designed with long term vision in mind.

At the front of the house is a large north facing front yard which is a great space for children to play privately and securely. It leads onto a generous double height front porch which in turn leads into the house. The front porch has a dark polished concrete floor with a sealant that allows for the floor to also be a large blackboard for children to draw on. The main living space opens onto this northern yard with a set of quality commercial grade bi-folding doors.

The floor level between the inside, front porch and lawn is very slight and this further blends the inside to the outside.

The house is essentially a brick veneered home but you’d never guess it from its appearance. The project was an opportunity to experiment with new ideas but the architects did not do that in the sense of exploring new technologies or rare and exotic materials. The idea was to take normal tried and approved things and use them in new ways. At the same time they wanted a lot of variety so every bathroom for example has different colours and tiles.

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