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Luxurious Natural Beach House by CplusC Architects

CplusC Architects have completed a luxurious, natural beach house in Curl Curl, New South Wales, Australia, exploiting the structural and aesthetic benefits of timber with stunning, contemporary results.

Through an impressive use of wood materials and added sumptuous detail, the exterior of this house gives off a lavish feel with one glance. Beautiful, sleek and brown finishes are seen everywhere, while the site is surrounded by glorious wildlife; a sea of green and brown, creating a homely, modern touch. The building responds to changing climatic conditions through natural ventilation in all directions, two integral fish ponds and vegetation that cool the summer breeze and timber screening to shade living areas whilst providing privacy, an efficient yet luxury, contemporary model.

A balcony area forms the link between outside and in, with a beautiful view of the Australian scenery. The rooms inside are as spacious as imaginable, enhancing the homely feel and generating a comfortable, luxurious living space. A deluge of colours are utilised to reinforce the contemporary touch.

With a large, efficient kitchen area and a bathroom using mainly black colours to cleverly mix in with the rest of the house, this brilliant piece of architecture is modern, comfortable and deluxe.

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October 20, 2011 | Property | View comments

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