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Luxurious Modern Villa in Costa Rica by Kalia

This wonderful offering, the Black Beauty Mariposa Villa, is courtesy of Costa Rican architects Kalia. This beautiful vacation home stretches over nearly 4,500 square feet, incorporating three luscious bedrooms and an array of stunning panoramic views, including spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and the popular nearby National Wildlife Refuge.

A fabulous contemporary villa nestled in a tropical paradise, the Black Beauty Maripose Villa is located in a picturesque site with the Pacific Ocean on one side and glorious wildlife encapsulating the rest, this villa is immediately depicted as a modern Eden. An infinity pool presents a delightfully luxurious modern aspect, and enhances the possibility of comfort and relaxation; perfect for a stay away.

Inside, the villa is a deluge of bright, striking colours, intertwined with a homely spaciousness and comfortable furnishings. The aforementioned quaint, scenic views are perfectly visible from the interior, while the modern open-plan living area and kitchen enriches the homely, holiday-feel.

Modern facades adorn the walls of the villa, furthering the feel of bespoke, refined architecture. The deluxe amenities offer an increased vacation feel also, making relaxation and fun the primary characteristics of the home.

This luxurious villa can be booked from $550 to $750 per night, with a 20% discount on weekly stays.

Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

November 29, 2011 | Property | View comments

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