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Luxurious Contemporary Zaoblený Loft by A1 Architects

A1 Architects have designed the Zaoblený Loft in Prague, Czech Republic, a delightfully contemporary, colourful and comfortable arrangement of rooms.

The focal aspect of the Zaoblený Loft is the luxurious main living space, a combination of modern techniques and traditional comfort. Employing white and cream as the main colours, A1 Architects created a peaceful, calm space with a delightfully relaxing sofa, a modern fireplace, a perfectly-constructed sloping ceiling, an excellent view of the wonderful Prague scenery, as well as an excellently wall/shelving area. This aforementioned area uses a striking gold colour on randomly assigned shelves, clashing well with the cream colours and creating a contemporary living space.

The kitchen area continues the luxury, with a beautiful stone workplace with a sleek finish, and efficient appliances. Travelling up the stunning wooden staircase would take you to a spacious, sleek and effective bathroom, perfect for anyone.

This spacious, comfortable and modern assortment of rooms has been brilliantly designed and well-organised by A1 Architects, creating a contemporary yet efficient living space.

Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

October 24, 2011 | Property | View comments

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