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Luxurious Bridge House by Joeb Moore + Partners Architects

Joeb Moore + Partners Architects designed the Bridge House in the town of Kent, Connecticut, a creative, beautiful and luxurious residence.

The exterior of the house ensures that the client notices the luxury of the home immediately. With a refined, excellent palette of the finest materials available to them, Joeb Moore + Partner Architects have provided a well-lit, expertly acclimatised, efficient and stunning exterior to begin with. Surrounded by trees and other wildlife from all angles, the house is held in a beautiful scene. In the pictures we have been sent, it can be seen that the house is clearly suited to all climates; winter, summer, spring or autumn, and it will still stand out as a beautiful, striking piece of architecture.

With a spacious, gorgeous, modern, comfortable interior, the Bridge House is an insight into luxurious living. The main living area combines a beautiful, natural view; deluxe, wooden furnishings; sleek, stone flooring and an attractive, modern fireplace with a huge television, allowing for privacy when wanted and sociability when desired. Other living areas create a stark contrast, with a saturation of black colours against the predominantly white colours in the other rooms. The kitchen is efficient yet still luxurious, fit for any client.

The most unique, modern aspect of the house however, is the bathroom. With a bright red façade fixed onto the ceiling, Joeb Moore + Partner Architects enhance a feel of contemporary living.

Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

October 25, 2011 | Property | View comments

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