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Lujan House by Robert M. Gurney

Architect Robert M. Gurney designed the Lujan house in Ocean View, Delaware. The house was designed to achieve a balance between recognition of the picturesque Chesapeake Bay landscape and a more intimate, secluded garden environment. Expansive openings to the private garden combined with smaller, selectively oriented openings toward the greater landscape allow for a sense of privacy while maintaining a sensibility of direct connection to the rhythms of nature.

The simplicity of the house is evident instantly from one glance of the interior. Placed in an area surrounded with beautiful wildlife, the Lujan house has a tall, black, box-shaped shape from which the interior is visible from outside, a modern aspect which blurs the lines between privacy and sociability. The architect has utilised a variety of box shapes, all varying in sizes, to push the modern architectural design of this piece, an appealing trait. There is also a heavy saturation of windows, allowing for natural light to shine throughout the house, making it an efficient home as well as a luxurious one.

The houses interior benefits from the aforementioned large-reaching ceiling. This allows for vast, spacious rooms fit for leisure activities, a further dimension to this beautiful home. The furnishings are comfortable, the flooring sleek and gorgeous, and facades such as the massive fireplace in the main living area scream modern, lavish living.

A garden area within the confines of the house but with no roof bearing over it allow the wildlife to flourish, and accentuates the natural feel that the home exudes. With a spacious, comfortable and modern bedroom and bathroom as well, the Lujan house really is a fine piece of architecture both inside and out.

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November 18, 2011 | Property | View comments

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