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Les Fresques, the new brasserie at the Hôtel Royal – Evian


Les Fresques Brasserie, the much celebrated and historic restaurant at the heart of Evian Resort’s Hotel Royal, at Lake Geneva, France has reopened, following an extensive refurbishment.

Les Fresques has been thoughtfully redesigned, with the frescoes carefully restored by the French National Heritage Department to their original splendour. The restaurant is now a vibrant and contemporary brasserie, offering the finest fresh cuisine.

A month’s work was required by the restorers from France’s national heritage department to bring Gustave Jaulme’s frescoes back to their former glory. Following this meticulous work, it seemed completely logical for the restaurant “La Suite” to revert to its original name of “Les Fresques”, headed by Chef Patrice Vander.

The place has been completely revisited by architect and interior designer François Champsaur, to take on a new identity as a stylish brasserie that offers a blend of refined cuisine, contemporary furniture and historical heritage. The straight lines of the pale wood and leather furniture blends delicately with the more rounded aspect of the mural paintings.

Folding screens bring structure to the dining room  and offer intimate spaces, while white voile curtains screen the windows and soften the natural daylight.  A key element of the concept is the brass light fittings that enhance the frescoes and recreate the magic of the place.

Hôtel Royal, Avenue des Mateirons, 74500, Evian, France,

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