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Le Peep Boutique launches on London’s Park Lane


Le Peep Boutique, a members’ club, restaurant and cocktail bar inspired by the glamour and theatrics of 1920s Paris, is launching on Park Lane this October.

Through its beautiful design and surprising illusions, made possible through cinematic technology, Le Peep Boutique will transport you to the golden age of indulgence, elegance and good times (so they say).


Architect Nick Leith-Smith has created a journey within the club, past art deco boutique shop windows filled with the silhouettes of hand-made Javanese puppetry and flapper girl dancers.

The dinner menu for the restaurant, which will open nightly from 8pm, has been devised by Christian Coates, a leading nutritionist to the stars. He has created a 21st-century twist on traditional Parisian street food, with dishes such as purple frites with pepper fillet-steak lollipops and sharing platters stacked high with fig and ricotta stuffed gallettes served with aubergine caviar and tomato jelly cubes. All ingredients are sourced locally, hand-picked by Christian for their nutrients and seasonality.

Behind the hand-crafted bar, built in the style of a 1920s theatre, vintage champagne cocktails are poured by the glass. Members are invited to indulge in a selection box of home-made macaron inspired cocktails, in pistachio, chocolate, rose, citron and almond flavours. Every cocktail is made from fresh, whole ingredients.

Through futuristic Samsung technology, an LED ceiling comes to life with scenes of the night sky over Paris, as well as abstract clips from the era that saw the rise of Charleston, prohibition and talking cinema.

Mark Alexiou, of the iconic Coco Club in Verbier and the global club brand, Pangaea, is the owner of Le Peep Boutique. And the likes of Tom Hardy, Ray Liotta, David Gandy and Keira Chapman are among the Le Peep Boutique committee, shaping the new club through their inner circles.

Members will be chosen by this committee and through introduction only, with guests aged 21 and above. (We’re hoping our invite is in the post then?)

Le Peep Boutique, 141 Park Lane, London, W1K 7BD, England,

Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

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