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Jeanne B: An extraordinary restaurant design by C comme C


Paris-based atelier C comme C  has designed the interiors of Jeanne B. Completed in 2014, the contemporary restaurant is located at the foot of Montmartre in the center of Paris, France.

According to the designers: “In transforming a former boutique into a restaurant/food store on Rue Lepic, Carole Chuffart and Carole Vermont took their inspiration from the graphic-geometric patterns of the 1930s.


“The open space combines a snug and friendly atmosphere with contemporary minimalism, underscoring the special qualities of C comme C in the superlative handling of colours and materials.

“Blue and green tones dominate façade and walls, accentuated by furnishings in various textures and nuances of colour. A cunning lighting design enhances the impression of space and is subtly adapted to the different moods of daytime.

“Sculptural interventions in the space occur as geometric décor, functioning as shelves and support elements and simultaneously drawing the eye onto the commodities on sale; otherwise there are details inspired by flora and fauna, including birch trunks as room dividers and – no irony intended – a stag trophy.

“After the two Jeannes, the two Caroles are embarking on a further project: the remodelling of the restaurant Astier in the XI Paris arrondissement, yet again for Frédéric Hubig.”

Images courtesy of the designers

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