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Interlocking contemporary design – Hotel Pupp, Italy


Italian and Austrian architectural practice, Bergmeisterwolf Architekten, have designed the Hotel Pupp project for Christian and Martin Pupp of Cafe Konditorei Pupp OHG. Completed in 2011, the luxury hotel can be found in Brixen, Italy. 

According to the architects: “The aim was to close a building gap and create 11 new luxury suites. Hotel Pupp was a competition for an important construction site in the city of Brixen.

“It was our idea to interlock three  structures so that a game with projections and set-offs is created. Because of the displacement different free areas come into existence and because of specific and precisely chosen openings within the three structures the interlocking is possible to be experienced in the interior design.

“It was also a major idea to either just slightly or not to open the structure at all towards the city and its neighbourhood. In this way a building with free areas, gardens, inner courtyards was designed with an illumination from the top. A life in intimacy is created, not distracted by the busy outer life, but flooded by light from everywhere.

“A withdrawal in the middle of the city, away from the hustle and bustle, is made possible. From the outside the tripartite interlocked structure is supplied with a special plaster (in German called “Besenputz”), like the residences close to the city, but is pushed to the fore with the colour pure white. The building comes to life with its cantilevers, with its shadow play in the façade. In the interior the colour white runs through, but this time coarse-grained, tough, cave-like, and can be found in the illuminated spaces and paths as well as in the rooms.

“In the basement you find the subterranean garage and the far stretched breakfast room, which ends in an inner courtyard. The daylight floods the interior, you never get the feeling of being in the basement. Also here prevails a conclusive plan: from the rough white plaster towards a colourful warm textile.

“As a whole you see a modern, powerful, assertive structure at the entrance to the city. We also believe that by choosing these materials a certain atmosphere of the past is perceptible, a mix between traditional hotel culture and contemporary entrance.
Being inside you feel the intimate light and the reserved transparency everywhere. Pupp Suites, a small hotel, a closure of the empty site, a gate to the city.”

Images courtesy of Günter Richard Wett and Jürgen Eheim

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