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Linear House by Roberto Benito, Argentina


Cordoba-based architectural practice Roberto Benito has designed the Linear House project. The luxury private home is located in San Francisco, Cordoba, Argentina.

According to the architects: “The setting is a dense grove, gravel streets, birds migrating from the countryside, neighbourhood / oasis, a typical in the city, as if it were elsewhere. Upon entering the field, it appears there, with his camouflaged righteousness, subjected almost unconditionally. As if it had always been there, it seems pertinent, with a respectful height, introverted, concealed.


“Hard and simple lines, a rectangular design, but surrendered to its environment. Noble materials and colours seeking continual communion that require no maintenance. With a simple, linear interior design, all the main rooms face the park to the north and all the services face south. It starts with the living areas and ends in the most private suite.

“Openly connected spaces are unified by the clear smooth cement floor across the surface. Especially kept in isolation, it was built with concrete blocks, lightened slabs with polystyrene blocks, suspended ceiling, double glazing and ventilated facade covered with metal plates. A container of dreams, generator of emotions, informal and personal as the owners imagined it.”

Images courtesy of  Roberto Benito / Gonzalo Viramonte

Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

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