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House on the Bay by Andrey Tiguntsev

Russian architect Andrey Tiguntsev has designed and completed the charming, contemporary House on the Bay project in Mill Fold village on Irkutsk Reservoir, in Irkutsk Oblast, Russia; from which it owes its name.

Completed in 2010, the residence comprises of two stories, and utilises a vast and refined palette of materials to create this stunning modern home. With a traditional outset created by the archetypal pathway to the garage and door, the architect attempts to combine a beautiful unison of traditional and contemporary modes, and does it to a striking effect. Concrete is used to create the outer layer of the first story of the residence, but the architect cleverly disguises this as faux wood by utilizing a beautiful, brown/orange colour.

The main aspect of the exterior is the gorgeous modern façade. Reaching over both stories of the house, this glass casing is clever and allows light to bounce through the home, offering efficient, natural light. The general weather in the area – harsh winds, cold and snow – is also taken into account by the architect, who designed this glass façade with the idea of blocking out the interminable winter weather. When snow settles around the house also, the façade shines in its beautiful white colour.

Inside, the interior displays a refined, sophisticated design. The sleek, wooden flooring and urbane, comfortable furnishings add a unique aspect to this home which also offers glorious panoramic views, while the open-plan living and dining area allows the house to flow.

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January 16, 2012 | Property | View comments

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