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Hillside property Santa Monica Canyon Residence, US


California-based architectural practice, Griffin Enright Architects, have designed the Santa Monica Canyon Residence project. The contemporary can be found nestled in the hillside in little Santa Monica Canyon, Los Angeles, US.

According to the architects: “The entry of this house descends into an impromptu, landscaped, amphitheater along a path that bends to provide enhanced perspective views. Along the sequence of this path, the view through the house to the exterior space beyond is framed, offset, and then fully revealed at the doorway.  A long skylight extends the geometry of the path as it winds through the living space, illuminating the livings spaces with indirect light. The open, loft-like spaces of the residence are distinguished by the geometry of the meandering skylight. As the skylight bends, visually linking the front and back door of the house, it creates distinction among the kitchen, living and dining areas.  The cross-section of the house is interrupted by the skylight, where it slips to further distinguish these living areas, shaping their individual volumes subtly within the whole.  As it moves through the house, sculpting the high ceiling, the skylight connects two courtyards created by the form of the residence.

“At the rear façade, pocket doors disappear to frame the view of the exterior from the living room.  From the deck beyond, the view back on the living area is also framed, extending back through the house to the front courtyard. The high ceiling of the main living area is then enhanced by the sectional progression from the back courtyard, as the ceiling lifts and the longitudinal section parallels that of the descending geometry of the entry sequence.  The house is both held together as a whole, and divided into parts by the volumetric carving of the skylight, the exterior seems to pull through the house along the same path.  The visual continuity between the back and front courtyards is maintained along this weaving spine of the house.”

Images courtesy of Griffin Enright Architects

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