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Glorious Unique House by JM Architecture

JM Architecture designed the Lake Lugano house in Switzerland, a slick, meticulously detailed and unique home overlooking the beautiful Lake Lugano.

A clever concept, this home is a polygonal shaped glass pavilion with rounded edges, in basic terms. Performing as a wonderful backdrop to family life, the first job for JM Architecture was to choose the location, one they did successfully and effectively, choosing a perfect spot in the quaint, relaxing area surrounding Lake Lugano. Enclosed by glorious wildlife, the nature aspect of this house is enhanced, and as a result the aesthetic appeal along with it.

The interior of this home is a beauty to behold. Vast spaces; a saturation of white colours on the walls and ceiling; attractive, comfortable, luxurious and modern furnishings combined with glorious views of the Swiss scenery produces this unique, contemporary and lavish home. The calming colour and themes continues into the bedroom, with JM Architecture combining spacious, relaxing aspects with a beautiful view to create a luxurious amalgamation.

Finally, as the kitchen brings an efficient aspect to this beautiful, unique house, we can see that it is a comfortable, relaxing, modern and original home, perfect for any client.

Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

November 11, 2011 | Property | View comments

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