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Glorious Guernsey Home by MOOARC

MOOARC designed La Concha, a home that has been remodelled from a 15th Century barn on the Island of Guernsey. This beautiful home is a perfectly executed example of clean, comfortable and modern spaces in the interior combined with glorious, traditional and effective natural materials such as stone and wood.

The exterior of the home, whilst traditional from the onset with the well-utilised grey and blue stone and charming tiled roof complete with roof-top windows, exudes a contemporary, luxurious feel. The clash of these traditional aspects against the bright, spacious and completely visible living spaces in the home is an excellent architectural method. The idea of making the whole of one side of the interior completely visible from the outside is also a unique, modern technique; offering yet more space and beautiful views of the Guernsey surroundings.

The interior is an equally sleek, smoothly finished, luxurious space. Glass is a heavily used material here, giving a feel of deluxe, spacious living. The continued use of bricks within the house is a beautiful, traditional technique also. Living areas such as the kitchen and main living space are gloriously lit; artificial light ensuring that the rooms are continually glowing for the client, giving off a sense of calm, relaxing, comforting luxury.

This house combines traditional with contemporary architecture; wood and brick materials with glass and bright and relaxing colours with luxury living: a true taste of excellence.

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October 28, 2011 | Property | View comments

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