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Glorious Contemporary Home by Robert Gurney Architect

Robert Gurney Architect designed the Hampden Lane house in Bethesda, Maryland, a beautiful, modern building which utilises a refined palette of materials and contemporary architecture to create a luxurious and unique yet understated home.

The exterior of this house is its lynchpin. Robert Gurney Architect have created a classic, unique, contemporary and elegant house merely from the outside, utilising a beautiful grey/blue concrete structure surrounded by small walls and with irregular shapes serving as the windows. This strong, clear and beautiful interior serves as a perfect juxtaposition with the existing traditional homes in the area, thereby enhancing an illusion of luxury and originality. Along with the remaining traditional homes, this residence is surrounded by gorgeous natural wildlife, increasing the homely, old-fashioned yet contemporary mixture. The sheer and purposeful understatement of the house however, augments the charm that it exudes.

Inside, the home is a comfortable, efficient and luxurious abode. Colourful, spacious seating is available, along with beautiful views and wide windows; perfect for natural light to seep through and diminish the need for artificial light. Modern art and contemporary furnishings add an extra dimension to this lovely home, and further its sophisticated edge.

A beautiful, cream-white bathroom and sleek, spacious bedroom add the finishing touches to this understated yet glorious home, which uses contemporary aspects to achieve the finest possibilities.

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November 8, 2011 | Property | View comments

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