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Futuristic Hidrosalud Headquarters Offices by Cuartopensante Arquitectura

Cuartopensante Arquitectura has designed an office interior for Hidrosalud, a Spanish company from Valencia that operates in the water treatment industry.

Through use of explicitly futuristic design and colours, this office interior exemplifies modern, comfortable and colourful architecture, making it perfect for a relaxing, natural office environment. White dominates the scene in the interior of this office, ensuring that the atmosphere exudes a relaxing, peaceful feel, ideal for an excellent working, co-operative scene. The lighting is also beautiful here, accentuating the modern touch with the blue tinting.

The sleek furnishings of this interior are free to see from the outside, as the large, vast windows – whilst exemplifying the spaciousness of the room – allow for picturesque views, further enhancing the already near-maximised relaxation and tranquillity of the interior.

This beautiful, modern, comfortable and contemporary interior really emphasises the modern chic of current interior design, putting this piece amongst the higher echelons of its kind.

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November 9, 2011 | Property | View comments

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