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A new dining destination – Frankfurt Station, Germany


Barcelona-based interior design studio, Denys and von Arend, have designed the Frankfurt Station project. Completed in 2013, the contemporary designed restaurant can be found in Barcelona, Spain.

According to the designers: “The space layout, determined by the elongated geometry of the premises, suggested itself, a platform and a wagon. Therefore, just a few feet passed the entry hall, the sidebar was treated as a large desk/counter where each ‘destination’ is displayed, prepared and served. Meanwhile in the rear dining area, guests are to be accommodated according to the classic seating arrangement of a train – on double seats facing each other across from a table by a window consisting of a back lit shelving unit dotted with pieces of greenery. Through this static window, rather than admiring the landscape,  ‘travellers are invited to peek at the world of beers.

“If hopping on a train is the equivalent to taking ‘the shortest way from appetite to satisfaction’ this interior design scheme, represents the most cost-effective manner of doing so. In order to make an effective translation of the ‘Low Cost Quality” concept to the interior design field, affordable, heavy duty, and low maintenance furnishings were the choice for the premises.

“Thus we see how the traditional 10x10cm tile, slightly tack to a shade of ‘vintage’ pool green, grouted in anthracite grey becomes instantly updated, winning decorative quality, prominence and uniqueness. In turn, but in this case in the toilets, the alternating colour pattern sets itself apart from more traditional schemes, randomly dying the walls, from roof to the ground, in a vibrant yellow splash which  makes these restrooms much more than just amenities. Meanwhile, the wooden parquet flooring, which fell into disuse in public facilities for almost over a century, is again employed in this ‘station’ in its high traffic version: a magnificent imitation of wood, available in the market nowadays, but made on porcelain substrate. The alternation of visual texture patterns: geometric and organic, tile and wood, stands out against the clean sobriety of a deep gray background.  This neutral envelope of darkened ceilings and walls, is dotted with industrial-looking lamps, installed and laid out in a domestic manner for an unexpected twist.”

Images courtesy of Víctor Hugo

Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

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