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Holistic healing design: Fiona Stanley Hospital by Hassell, Perth


A holistic healing design, the Fiona Stanley Hospital in Perth, Australia opened its doors to the public this month.

The Fiona Stanley Hospital Design Collaboration, a joint venture between Hassell, Silver Thomas Hanley and Hames Sharley is a medical complex in which design and landscape play a key role in supporting patient recovery.


The hospital’s façade, landscape and public domain – designed by Hassell – create a naturally healing environment and is a successful demonstration of the benefits of a holistically designed environment for patients, staff and guests.


The hospital cost just under £1.1 billion (A$2 billion), and at 140,000 sqm, it is the largest single infrastructure project ever undertaken by the Western Australian State Government.


The hospital’s façade, landscape and public domain incorporate green vistas, sunlight and access to natural surroundings which, according to studies conducted by healthcare designer Dr Roger Ulrich – who was a consultant on the hospital’s design – can improve patients’ psychological and physical wellbeing.


The triangulated façade features shaded hoods that optimise external views for patients, while maximising light penetration into the building. Internal gathering spaces throughout the building are designed to capture views of external courtyards and the natural landscape that surrounds the hospital. Importantly, the building’s flexible layout can accommodate future expansion and new developments in clinical treatment and medical research.


Jeff Menkens, Hassell principal and director of the Fiona Stanley Hospital Design Collaboration, said: “This design leads the way in the integration of therapy tools, from the outdoor clinical rehabilitation areas, to courtyards that can accommodate the beds of intensive care patients, and calming gardens that can be viewed by those inside the hospital.”

Images courtesy of the architects

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