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Fabulous design at GP House, Mexico


Mexico City-based architectural practice, Bitar Arquitectos, have designed the GP House project.  The concrete property with its contemporary facade is located in Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico.

According to the architects: “GP House consists of a living room, bedrooms and so forth spread over two floors connected by stairs are concentrated in a vertical volume that bursts with predominant horizontal construction formally. The intersection is more evident with the use of natural stone in the region and finished in the bucket of stairs, while the rest of the volume is concrete.

“The upstairs master bedroom and public areas (living room and game room) form the rear facade, which was almost entirely covered with glass, this in order to give lightness to the concrete structure, allowing these areas do not lose their continuity and enjoyed the view of the golf course, somehow eliminating visual barrier between the two spaces, inside and outside. A water mirror delimits this facade.

“The room is double height, giving a spacious feel to the space, a volume stands right there, that is the TV room, which is upstairs and there is little visible inside through a wooden lattice that gives privacy to the space, but in turn allows the entry of natural light into the room TV.

“The predominant use of natural materials such as marble flooring exhibition, some walls were left in these same materials, or other concrete and painted in neutral tones. To counter this we used walnut wood trimmings and doors that give warmth to the space. Interior design includes metallic elements such as cross-shaped columns and railings, specially designed for the project.

“As for the lighting, which not only sought to fulfill its basic function, but worked aesthetically while emphasising objects, vegetation and facades of the house. Domes were opened in specific areas to take advantage of natural lighting, which together with the materials generate a play of light and shadows interesting.

“The Mexican property is an entirely contemporary space, designed under linear elements.”

Images courtesy of Leonardo Walther

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April 29, 2013 | Property | View comments

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