Executive Offices by Isabel Lopez Vilalta + Asociados

Madrid-based interior designers and architects, Isabel Lopez Vilalta + Asociados, have designed the Executive Office project. Completed in 2013, the offices are located in a Sant Cugat del Vallès business park, Spain, within the framework of the creation of a new building for the expansion of its corporate complex.

The interior design project is divided into two distinct areas, the ground floor and fifth floor, but with a marked unit value in the set of the performance.

According to the designers: “At ground floor level, the operation consisted of placing some meeting rooms all along big windows that open fully to a grand terrace, where the creation of a large wicker pergolawelcomes and gives protection to two atmospheres, thereby inviting as much to enjoy a space of relaxation and conversation as an informal meal around a large table.

“Senior management offices are located on the fifth – top – floor of this emblematic building. With a square floor plan and to the four winds, its central core is a unifying element of various vertical communications. We separate precisely this element, creating a perimeter ring of traffic where offices, library and boardroom are distributed along the entire façade.

“Balanced colours, materials and shapes and warm cozy lighting have been sourced, as much for the interior as the exterior, while not forgetting the important functional character required for this type of meeting room and office space. While continuing to
maintain the sensation of spaciousness and comfort in its interior, we have created some spaces in which the combination of materials and an avant-garde approach have resulted in atmospheres capable of giving service to various occasions whilst always safeguarding privacy.

“The chosen wall coverings, flooring, and furniture create a noble, austere and sober ambience by combining materials in measured proportion, such as the wood of the flooring which leads to some walls and doors, upholstered walls and leather covering on the pillars as a wainscot, with more particulars such as painted metallic sheets of deployé in a golden toned brass to form sliding panels, false ceilings and niches that act as large light reflectors.

“It emphasises the use of warm, indirect light, in contrast with a more technical and functional lighting according to the given type of use.

“The utilization of advanced technology in the conference room – both for business meetings and art (video art) – demonstrate the stamp of modernity and relevance of this company.”

Images courtesy of Alejo Bagué


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