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Eco-chic design at C&C House, Grenada, Spain


Granada-based architectural practice, Arias Recalde Taller de arquitectura, has designed the C&C House project. The modern home in Dúdar, Granada, Spain was used as a holiday home but has been refurbished by the owners child so it could become their first-home.

The current economic situation and lack of credit available for first-time buyers made owning their dream become impossible for the young couple. They could not afford to buy a home or a plot of land at the current market price.

The parents decided to offer their holiday home to the young couple, built in a neighbourhood on the outskirts of Granada, the property fitted their needs that C & C required for their dream home.


According to the architect: “C & C wanted a spacious, energy efficient house, with lots of light to make the most of the fabulous views.

“We proposed a restructuring and expansion of the existing housing, renovating its facilities and its enclosure and skin, completing a programme that allows the house accommodate C & C and their parents when they visit.

“C outsourced the chapters that required specialised intervention: demolition, structure and interior design. A handful of friends helped on weekends in exchange for barbeques and good times.

“The aim was to build a well insulated house to consume less energy, using high quality energy materials on it and improving the isolation to reduce thermal looses.”

Images courtesy of Fernando Alda and the architect

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January 15, 2014 | Property | View comments

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