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East Village, Triathlon Homes by Suna Interior Design


London-based design studio, Suna Interior Design, has unveiled the East Village, Triathlon Homes project. Completed in 2012, this iconic development housed the world’s top athletes at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, England.

Situated on Celebration Avenue, the main through road in the East Village, the brief was to create designs with a ‘talkability’ factor aimed at a youthful market who have a keen interest in design. It was to be contemporary and fresh and take advantage of the marvellous vistas of the London skyline.


Suna Interior Design created two designs for this development in a one and a three bedroom apartment. Ellen Piercey, designer of the three bedroom apartment, said: “I gathered my inspiration from a number of sources. The location was an obvious inspiration and I wanted to create an impactful design statement and so have used quite a few statement pieces. I was also inspired by the colour scheme and my palette comprised warm autumnal colours of tan, sage green and blush with a soft grey background and warm walnut and oak.”


This stylish design is very visually attractive. One particularly appealing element, and Ellen’s favourite detail is the beautiful wall mural in the living room, of a white Magnolia. It looks like it has been painted onto the wall.


The contemporary London apartment comprises an eclectic mix of furniture. The headboard in the sophisticated master bedroom is bespoke with diamond panels and a ribbon detail. In the second bedroom the Booked – Hooked On Stories wallpaper by Mr Perswall gives the room a creative feel while the cool colour palette ensures that the room retains a calming ambiance.


The study is an eclectic combination of well-travelled pieces such as the vintage telephone, bone-handled magnifying glass and the quirky bell-jar sculpture. The green walls work well with the walnut and oak retro 1940s inspired desk. The gallery of glass frames, with a selection of butterflies and beetles hangs on one wall, while a lovely round leather framed mirror hangs on the opposite wall. The result is a striking, comfortable and relaxing study with ample room for both the desk function and the sofa space.

The open-plan kitchen, dining and living space is light and airy with fantastic views of the London skyline. The use of space has been maximised through the selection of large pieces of furniture, such as the dining table and low back arm chairs that both keep the space open and increase the impressive views.


The colour palette in the one bedroom apartment is monochrome: black, white and grey with an orange accent colour.

The interior design is contemporary and innovative, reflected in the choice of furniture – the futuristic lines of the translucent graphite chair and trio of shimmery metallic tables in bronze, silver and gold.

In the hall the grey walls have been hung with a selection of black and white iconic London landmark photographs, each set on a bold orange mount with polished chrome frames.


The monochrome theme continues in the bedroom with a bolder honeycomb of black, white and grey wallpaper and a tall statement headboard in a City Pinstripe. This quite masculine room is furnished with gorgeous sleek bedside tables with a stud detail, a smoked glass console table, a leather mirror with chrome studs, an orange, zingy upholstered chair and three contemporary spot canvasses that tie in the colours, which include an olive accent that adds an extra dynamic to the room.

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