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Copaiba Residence built in an L-shape, Brazil


Brasília-based architectural practice, Macedo, Gomes & Sobreira, have designed the Copaiba Residence project. Completed in 2013, this luxury home can be found in Brasília, Brazil.

The main reference for the design concept of this residence built in Brasilia is its the landscape: in the lot, a leafy Copaiba tree and a small portion of ‘cerrado’ vegetation (tropical savannah typical from the central region of Brazil), and towards east, a mountain range view.


According to the architects: “The main access for the house and its distribution on the site are defined by the courtyard created around the Copaiba tree. At ground level the house is formed by an L shaped block, where the kitchen, living room and the bedrooms are connected to the cerrado vegetation through a long veranda, which extends along all spaces, creating a transition between inside and outside and at the same time protecting the internal spaces from the elements. Brasilia climate allows (and demands) the project openness and allows passive solutions, so no ar-conditioning (cooling or heating) is needed. Bathrooms are located at the west portion of the groundfloor block, protecting bedrooms from the west sun. Services, guest bedroom and garage/multifunctional space are located at the north portion of the L shape block, defining the courtyard.

“The prismatic block at the second floor, when superimposed to the L shaped block, defines – at the ground floor – the space of the deck (extended veranda) and allows the double height at the living room, connecting it visually to the library and multimedia space situated upstairs. The guardrails are designed as bookshelves for the family library, so books are visually present all the time at the house, as family demanded.


“The interior design is mainly defined by wood finishing: floor, ceiling and frames made of native wood, creating a cozy ambience and integration to the surrounding nature. The tile panel at the garage and multifunction space wall was conceived with the family kids, in homage to Athos Bulcão (artist who collaborated with Niemeyer in several works in Brasilia) and the folk culture of Pernambuco.”

Images courtesy of Joana França

Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

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