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Contemporary Conservatory Ideas: Open Plan Extension for the Home, Manchester, England

Apropos a UK-based high-end luxury designer of aluminum and glass structures has completed the Veulemans project. The contemporary open plan extension can be found in Manchester, England.

According to the designer: “The client who was already undergoing major renovation works within his home, wanted to add an element of glass into his designs thus allowing for a more open plan kitchen and living area. The client also specified that he wanted the structure to allow more light into his previously dark compact kitchen area. The luxury designer Apropos was commissioned to add this final flare to the renovation of his home through a glass extension.”

Plans were already in place for the majority of renovation and extension works therefore Apropos created initial drawings of the structure based upon what the back end of the house would look like after initial construction had been carried out. The contemporary English home has a wide garden area and the designer decided a lean-to conservatory would best make use of the space along with providing as much extra space as possible within the open plan kitchen and living area. The lean-to conservatory has been set to span the entire width of the garden and bi-folding doors have been incorporated, opening up the entire back end of the house onto the garden, to ensure that the loss of space from the garden would not be too compromising.

The finish result is a  contemporary and stylish lean-to conservatory which blends seamlessly with both the pre-existing features of the host building and the new extended areas whilst allowing for a relaxing open plan style of living; across not only kitchen and living area but garden too. The contemporary English conservatory is used for entertaining friends as well as day to day family life; the open plan nature allows for casual family interaction.

The symmetrical pitch of the contemporary conservatory creates a striking feature perched upon the purpose built decking within the garden and the inside spaces are vast with clean lines and a bright airy feel throughout.

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October 29, 2012 | Property | View comments

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