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Contemporay commercial interior design, Neo Derm Medical Centre, Hong Kong

Hong Kong-based interior designers and architects Beige Design have completed the interior design of Neo Derm’s Medical Aesthetic Center. The contemporary commercial interior design project can be found in Hong Kong.

According to the architects: “Taking ‘line’ and ‘lime‘ as the representation of dynamics, young and energetic to respond to the design brief, the designer creates this contemporary lifestyle space with a concept of sustainability and continuity.

“Backdrop of the reception is a lime colour wall with a front layer of translucent recycled resins panel, the embossed lines on the panel are just like the light beams dashing around to embrace the space speedily. A clean white high-gloss paint reception island landed on the reconstitute stone flooring to create a contrast to the backdrop.

“Beams of white dashing lines are running throughout the white ceiling and extending to the surrounding space with dynamics. The relaxation zone adjacent to the reception area is set on a lime on lime colour tone from furniture to carpet that emphasises the young and rejuvenated brand essence by over viewing the Victoria harbour. Fabric sofas are designed with rounded ends to offer a comfortable and warm mood to welcome customers.

“The lines are also designed to guide patients into the treatment rooms. Following the dashing line pattern on the reception backdrop and ceiling, lines continue to take the lead in the corridor with product display shelves with LED lighting. The wall on the opposite side of the corridor is echoing with a long piece of line artwork. Lines in different forms are spreading around to keep the dynamics in the space.

“Privilege is a special key attracting young customers. Treatment rooms in this skin care center are specially designed as a multifunctional room that are capable to work as a cosmetic, entertainment rooms as well as a treatment room. Where a ‘line’ sliding picture is designed to cover the mirror on top of the cosmetic table. This tricky design helps to prevent the reflection inside the room during laser treatment. Catching the flow, the high gloss paint wall panels are set as subtle line features to lead the flow. Where the table is connecting to the seating, basic counter top is connecting a hanging cabinet demonstrating the concept of ‘continuity’, all the things are getting connected and bringing forth into other space.

“In the makeup room, its special triangular shape demonstrates a play of intimate reflection.  In the treatment and makeup room, the main characters are always the user, which marks the meaningful connection to the continuity of lines.

“This commercial interior design project included using handpicked curtains, furniture, ceiling patterns, artwork to every detail of the space. The project was carefully designed to resonate the theme of lines, and the color lime highlights just enough to demonstrate the vibrant and energetic design brief for this particular skin care center.

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