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Contemporary Villa in Israel by Uri Cohen Architects

This property, the Hotel Villa designed by Uri Cohen Architects, has been built on a historic heritage monument on the first street in Yessod Hammala, Israel. This deluxe property is located in a tourist area, enhancing its appeal three-fold due to the potential of developing it into a luxury hotel or another commercial point. The complex itself can actually be used as one, two, or even three living units; one house with commercial and leisure space, guest rooms or even the whole complex as one hotel entirely. The options are limitless!

The history of the previous area where the luxurious property has been developed have been preserved, and the scheme offers a spacious outside area upstairs, advantageous for warm evenings when fresh air is desired.

The main addition to the old property is the ‘floating box’ concept, above the ground floor. This provides protection and shade for the main living area below, while offering the aforementioned outside living area. This contemporary ‘box’, while a modern idea, maintains the feeling and ambience of the street as it is supported by stone fences; a sturdy, faultless support that most houses on the street benefit from, though in this case it allows the property to preserve the past and present, while encapsulating the future.

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September 28, 2011 | Property | View comments

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