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Contemporary takeaway design by Masquespacio


Valencia-based architects and interior designers, Masquespacio, have designed the Kessalao project. Completed in 2014, the Mediterranean food outlet is located in the city of Bonn, Germany. 

According to the architects: “Everything starts from the brand image and it’s naming that forms wordplay of the German “Kess” and the Spanish “Salao”, both traduced as cool and amusing boy. Being a play of words in two different languages combined by an s, a capital S needed to distinguish both words. On the other hand the brand symbol was inspired by olive oil, as the basic and principal product of the Mediterranean food, represented here by the drop that interprets the natural product’s richness.


“In so far as the interior design it’s presented by a space that symbolizes the freshness of the brand’s name through a range of the most popular colours in Germany. Red is without a doubt the main colour, while marine blue and yellow remind us of the Mediterranean Sea. Purple on the other hand adds a strong touch with the principal red colour. Materials like wood coming from the birch veneer used for the walls and pine for the furniture, where chosen to offer a natural look to the space. Moreover through different decorative elements made of raffia as for the seats and pots a Mediterranean touch is added repeatedly.

Ana Milena Hernández Palacios, creative director, said: “I wanted to metaphorize the recollection of fruits and vegetables through the hampers of Raffia.”

Images courtesy of David Rodríguez and Carlos Huecas 

Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

July 2, 2014 | Property | View comments

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