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Contemporary Sunset Vale House,Singapore

Singapored-based design studio WOW Architects have designed the Sunset Vale House project. The contemporary property was completed in 2008 and can be found in Singapore.

According to the architects: “In land-scarce Singapore, owners often request houses that fill up as much of the site as the building codes allow to maximize the economic value of the property. In contrast, here, the desire to replace lost greenery and landscape drove this project’s concept. The contemporary Singaporean property inverts the typical bungalow house in garden concept; it is a garden landscape captured and infused into a house setting.

“The organising principle is a series of courtyards and voids designed to set up a series of telescoping long views contrasted against compressive short views through the contemporary Singaporean house. Because of the relatively small site, views of the foreground and distance are carefully framed.”

Images courtesy of WOW Architects.

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August 27, 2012 | Property | View comments

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