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Contemporary RoomRoom House, Japan

Yokohama-based design studio Takeshi Hosaka Architects have designed the RomRoom House in Tokyo, Japan. The contemporary home was built for a young deaf couple and their two children.

The two sides of the building face narrow roads in an overcrowded residential area in Itabashi ward, Tokyo. The small main building was built five years ago was not practical for the family of three generations so they bought a piece of land neighbouring to their house to build an annex.

The house consists of two small rooms on the first floor, one large room on the second floor and the roof terrace. The contemporary building is two storey high with a box shape construction, with many small openings, only 200 mm squares randomly installed on the walls, floors and the roof. The openings of 200 mm square on the floor are used as atrium’s or as practical openings for communicating between the first and the second floors.

Communications are done through this small opening verbally between the children and by sign language. The children sometimes call their parents’ attention by dropping a small minicar. The openings on the walls are useful for ventilation and light from outside and in addition, they are used as a communication tool between a small garden and indoors. In the same way as the openings between the rooftop and he second floor and also between the rooftop and the first floor. Images courtesy of Koji Fujii  and Nacasa & Partners Inc.

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