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Contemporary Panorama Apartment, Antwerp

The Panorama project was designed by Belgium-based architect and interior designer Vehap Shehi of VSA Concept. The contemporary building can be found on the outskirts of the city of Antwerp in Belgium.

Vehap Shehi said to Adelto Magazine: “The first step was to demolish most of the walls to reconstruct the structure of the apartment. The spaces are cleared, ‘simple’ fluids while each having their own identity and spatiality.

“The set was composed around the ducts located in the middle of the contemporary Belgian apartment. The technical areas were placed at the center of the apartment to free up all the peripheral areas and have a great release. The patio pace junction between the kitchen area and lounge.

“The goal was not to create a large single volume, but spaces that communicate with each other and are discovered by browsing the apartment.

“It’s in this spirit that the bathroom has been partially open (bottom part only) to the bedroom, thus creating a visual connection between the two spaces when you take a bath.

“To vacate the contemporary Belgian apartment of unnecessary details, the furniture were built in the thickness of the walls. I had the opportunity to draw all the woodwork including the office, which helped push the idea after integration of furniture.

“A particular job and great attention was paid to the study of details of joinery, such as a graphic work with a third dimension.

“The challenge was to preserve the identity of the building (early 70s) without falling into a style ‘kitsch’ while adding some contemporary view.

“The walls, once grey, once white, were used to create preliminary plans and backgrounds. A kind of staging an invitation to browse spaces.

“The colours are deliberately absent in order to leave as much room as possible for the source material for expression (wood, concrete, natural stone).  In this spirit the choice fell on a polyurethane floor white for all the soils except for the entry and the kitchen where we used black schist.”

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