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Contemporary open-plan 31 Blair Road property, Singapore

International architect and interior designer practice ONG&ONG have completed the 31 Blair Road project. Completed in 2009, the contemporary open-plan property can be found in Singapore.

The project involved completely redesigning the entrance to the property, interior and roof terrace. The finishing result is just superb, contemporary, chic and aesthetically pleasing.

According to the architects: “Many historic elements were left untouched in the now contemporary Singaporean property retaining the site’s historical essence and providing a quaint contrast to the unit’s modern interior.

“What distinguishes this conservation house from most others is the unorthodox first floor layout, which places the kitchen and dining space right at the entrance. This was done in light of the fact that most parties centre around the food, and this arrangement allows guests to casually mingle with their hosts as they cook.   Since the contemporary property in Singapore was intended for rental, a neutral colour palette was employed to complement the changing tastes between individual tenants. Bamboo is a recurrent theme throughout the contemporary Singaporean house, from the forecourt garden to the sand-blasted motifs within.   The contemporary Singaporean apartment is an innovative response to the constraints of conservation building, successfully marrying the old with the new to create a charming living space.”

Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

November 15, 2012 | Property | View comments

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