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Contemporary office design: Lexington Avenue Agency, Spain

Valencia-based architects and interior designers +Quespacio have designed the Lexington Avenue Agency project. Completed in 2011, the contemporary office design can be found in Spain’s third largest city Valencia.

Ana Hernández Palacios of +Quespacio explains that the client contacted them and wanted to create a new model agency with the name Lexington Avenue Agency in the city, Valencia, with an urban but sophisticated look. This combined with white office furniture and a white floor to create an urban design that was a sophisticated office space.

According to the architects: “First of all we created a series of identical images of a large studio of the famous Lexington Avenue from New York. We selected colours black and yellow, to representative New York cabs, together with a series of images from of the New York skyline. After a discussion with our client one of the image designs were adapted and we then started to think about the interior design, in which both parts, the client and our studio decided the look needed to be to corporate and different.

“Primarily the contemporary office design needed to be divided in two spaces and transparent so the office could be flooded with plenty of natural light. We chose an industrial curtain combined with a sticker from the identity logo to give the office an original touch and urban design feel. In the first room you can see the incorporation of the black and yellow lines from the logo giving it an extra corporate touch. We also chose to reflect the black and yellow lines in the second room but in a lesser extent to deviate that the project terminated to be overloaded.

“For the fixtures and fittings we picked furniture that we thought best reflected the renamed brands from Spain, but not habitual to use in our country. We opted for furniture from Uno Design by Javier Mariscal and the eco-friendly Eiffel, a recycled paper stool from the pretty new RS Barcelona. This combined with white office furniture and a white floor to create an urban but sophisticated touch. The corner lamp was created to give an extra industrial touch to this sophisticated and contemporary office design.

 Images courtesy of Araski Kuro and David from Cualiti.

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