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Contemporary office design for Zing, Sydney


New South Wales-based architectural practice, Rolf Ockert Design, have designed the Zing project.  The practice was approached by a client interested in purchasing a neglected warehouse in a run down but up-and-coming area of Surry Hills, south of Sydney’s CBD, to accommodate a growing PR company.

Following an inspection and a quick concept design the client decided to purchase the property and commission ROD for the office design in Sydney.

The design intent was to maintain the integrity of the existing shell and insert contemporary elements as required.  Consequently the existing facade, which shows various layers of signage and the history this represents was, against Council’s conditions, kept untouched while the new additions – aluminium louvres in front of windows, grille gate and stairs and signage – clearly reflect the new lease of live given to the old building.


The entry is distinguished by a large wall painted in the company’s logo colour in which several lit display windows show the variety of brands represented by Zing while a modern grille stairs built over the existing carriage ramp and a water feature clearly separate the inside from the still rather rough outside.

The reception area with its soft, bulbous desk and slick metallic walls and floor manifests that what is produced inside the space is very contemporary, slick and creative.  Clients are led straight into the adjacent meeting room while the main working area is separated from view by a curved metal pod.


The working space for about 20 staff is open plan, bright and colourful, again representing the company’s philosophy and image.

Images courtesy of Rolf Ockert Design

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September 12, 2013 | Property | View comments

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