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Contemporary Nhabeo House by Trinhvieta-Architects


Vietnamese architectural practice, Trinhvieta-Architects, have designed the Nhabeo House project.  The contemporary property is located in Hochiminh City, Vietnam.

According to the architects: “This project was developed to propose a model housing and a new lifestyle for individual residence in high-density populated urban areas of Hochiminh City, Southern Vietnam.

“The house is constructed of various porous spaces mixing with outside spaces (approximately 40 per cent void) which are researched and simulated in the design process in order to maximise the use of wind and natural light’ s energy (no need of artificial lighting during the day and least air conditioning is needed) There are three ‘floating’ gardens at level of 4.0m above ground level purifying the air flows and control direct sunlight.”

“If each residence contribute 2-3 trees to the environment, the city of over 8 million population like HCM city will be provided the amount of hundreds of park of greenleaves which will helps reduce CO2 emmiting to atmosphere. Also using natural ventilation instead of air conditioner also helps reduce the heat-island effect of the city.

“The aim of this model is to propose a better way to live for oneself and also contribute to create a better environment for the community. Efforts to introduce the model to HCM City’ residence has been made and the first study case of 10 houses based on this model are in progress.”

Images courtesy of Hiroyuki Oki

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August 29, 2013 | Property | View comments

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