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Contemporary New Market Road Property, Singapore

Singapore-based design studio KNQ Associates have completed the New Market Road property. The stunning contemporary property can be found in Singapore.

According to the architects: “The owner of this 550 sq ft one-bedroom HDB apartment located in the heart of town is a successful lady who has lived here since childhood. Currently living with her mother, she finally found the time to give her home a renovation after so many years.

“While she is not living alone, we wanted to create a chic and functional ‘semi-bachelorette pad’ which would reflect her personal style as much as possible.

“Starting with a simple shell and a unified colour scheme, we tidied up the layout in each room and layered on artful accessories, fun details, unfussy lighting and fabulous fabrics to spruce up the space. Mirrored walls bounce light into the contemporary Singaporean property, so awkward dimensions and low light levels are less noticeable in the hall. A dining area, previously missing in the house, finds its way back into the renovated space.

“A self-made lady should have a beautiful and hardworking home too. It is with this belief that we made sure each piece of customised furniture serves more than one function. A lengthy white, wall-mounted storage unit conceals messy cables and multitasks as a whimsical light source apart from its intended use in the hall. Joining up to this unit is a shoe bench, which doubles up as additional seating for guests while holding shoes down below. This multipurpose idea extends into the bedroom, which the owner shares with her mum, where a partition that comes in the form of a wardrobe divides the tiny room in such a way as to offer each person their own personal space.

“In the kitchen, every corner is utilised in the best way possible to maximise storage. An awkward recess at the far corner of the kitchen has been turned into a mini storeroom, and this integrates with a storage cabinet on its side for a seamless look. White finishes in many parts of the kitchen cuts down visual clutter and makes the room look much spacious due to the consistency in tone from the ceiling to the walls to the cabinetry.

“The utility room, located right at the back of the kitchen, has been turned into a private play-and-work room for the owner. A centrepiece wood lounge deck (for watching TV and as an extra bed for guests to sleep over) and plenty of book storage and light contribute to an inspirational space in which one can truly indulge in this contemporary Singapore property.”

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