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Contemporary Los Angeles property – Ettley Residence


Manhattan Beach-based architectural practice, Studio 9one2, have designed the Ettley Residence, which was completed in 2013. The luxury home is located in Los Angeles, US.

According to the architects: “The Ettley residence is a study in solid-void relationships. The aluminium and wood ‘umbrella’ over the blue glass, which appear to be blocks of frozen blue Pacific ocean, juxtapose against the solid wood boxes giving an appearance of a modern seaside sculpture.


“Situated just a few blocks from the ocean, the up-sloping lot achieves commanding views of the water while providing a cityscape foreground to the setting.

“The master suite located at the mid level front has a glass floor sitting area, which overlooks a reflecting pond and garden below. This patio is located off the theater/family room.


“There is a vertical bamboo garden surrounded by wood slats that grow up through the building providing needed privacy to the master and to the main living spaces at the top level. This vertical garden gives a zen like feeling completing the richness in the selected materials utilized in the designing of this home.

“Studio 9one2 has become known for it’s particularly interesting staircases.


“The majority of beach houses in the LA area are designed as inverted plans with the living spaces at the top level in order to achieve the best ocean views. As a result the both visitors and occupants alike utilize the stair system quite often.”

This luxury LA home with its ‘Esher-esque’ stairs and glass floor landings has certainly got the wow factor. The interior design is gobsmacking and will take your breath away.

Images courtesy of Studio 9one2

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October 25, 2013 | Property | View comments

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