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Contemporary ‘Jewel Box’ in India by Cadence Architects

Cadence Architects have designed a commercial building in Bangalore, India. It oozes a contemporary, modern and luxurious feel, even from the exterior of the building.

While many commercial buildings are typically conceived as generic, typecast glass boxes or other traditional styles, this Indian architecture follows this, but with a twist. The glass facade takes undivided focal point of this building, striking the eye immediately with imaginative angles. With a relatively small, compact site, Cadence Architects have managed to totally go against the grain of commercial buildings and come up with this dramatic piece, giving it a unique identity and feel.

The white stone, crystalline-like finish of the exterior contrasts perfectly with the surroundings,  and the building stands out as contemporary architecture with one quick glance.

The angles of the building itself are designed to distort the perception of the onlooker, and the staircase linking the ground to the first floor level follows this theme, narrowing as it ascends. Again, this is a contemporary aspect of architecture, one which Cadence Architects utilises fully.

Adding a facet of efficiency, the ground floor is set on a free parking area. Though the staircase links all three floors of the commercial building and the penthouse above, the aforementioned penthouse is systematically detatched from the establishment below, drawing a physical as well as figurative line between privacy and leisure. The interior is significantly spacious and shines with natural light due to the quirky ‘Jewel Box’; an aspect that puts this complex amongst the higher echelons of either commercial or leisurely residences.

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October 11, 2011 | Property | View comments

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