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Contemporary Home in Tasmania, Australia

The tranquil Allens Rivulet House 2 in Tasmania, Australia, was designed by Room11.

This residence was constructed around the client’s wish for a house to be built with the kitchen at the heart of it. The house’s interior therefore revolves around a luxurious central kitchen area. Voids make the kitchen visible from pretty much all spaces of the house, ensuring that the kitchen acts as the focal point as the client wished. The voids also perform to enhance the compact houses space. Internal and external spaces are blurred at one extreme, and highly contained at others.

The houses exterior continues with the compact and homely theme. Sitting on uneven land, it employs poles to ensure the beautiful natural view on one side isn’t obstructed. The spaciousness of the exterior also allows for serenity, privacy and calm for its clients, making this house a much desirable, comfortable, leisurely and welcoming residence to everyone with its vast area and lavish feel.

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October 10, 2011 | Property | View comments

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