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Contemporary design at Levels House, Buenos Aires, Argentina


The now defunct Argentinian architectural practice BAK Architects designed the contemporary Levels House in 2011.  The fabulous family home can be found in Mar Azul, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

According to the architects: “The ground on which the property is located is forested with maritime pines of great size, there is also a slope of about three metres in front of the property. In connection with the street, one end thereof is elevated while the opposite has a depression that some large acacias hide the view from the street level.

“The client’s brief was to create a family home using exposed concrete, the property would be used throughout the year, for a mixed family. It was important that the social areas to be of a large size, and the master bedroom could function as a sector of great independence and be equipped as not to depend on the rest of the house. The owners also requested the house have multiple service areas because the idea was to live there for the three months in the summer consecutively.

“The house was designed using four sectors connected to means level on a single ladder. This decision allowed us to reduce the circulation areas to a minimum and to accommodate the various spaces, following the natural slope of the lot and even burying part of them. The ladder of course became the organiser, not only functional but spatial, as a nexus between spaces that need to be integrated. With this volumetric arrangement and taking care to maintain as much vegetation, we were able to provide the house the variety and flexibility it required in spaces, without losing their independent use between them and proposing to them all, a clear integration with the landscape through openings that frame it.”

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