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Contemporary Chiswick Quay property, London

Overlooking the Thames, the 1970s townhouse owned by lighting designer Ben Rousseau backs onto a small marina and is located where the London boat race finishes at Chiswick Quay.

It may have been a relatively modern design, but the four-storey contemporary London property still needed a lot of work and Ben easily spent about 60-70k updating the house. A new kitchen and office were put in, the bathroom on the second floor was updated, the master bathroom completely reconfigured and another bathroom added to the ground floor garage, which was impressively converted into a spacious guest suite.

“Decoration wasn’t just restricted to painting,” says Ben. “We even knocked down walls to make more sense of the space; the master bedroom, for example, needed room to accommodate my bespoke walnut wardrobes and dressing table, which run the length of the room.”

Everywhere are examples of Ben’s ingenuity as a designer including prototypes of his custom-made furniture such as his leather ‘Caillou’ chair, an illuminated coffee table and his wall-mounted ‘Claw’ light, but more noticeably stunning examples of how he integrates lighting into almost all interior fittings. The master bathroom in the contemporary London property uses colour changing LED lights to stunning effect and features an illuminated shower panel, dramatically-lit shelving and special effects below the cabinetry and above the sink. One of the most inspired touches is where Ben cut a large hole in the kitchen and living room wall where the serving hatch once was and lined the inside edge of the wall with LEDS and opal white diffuser.

“If I hadn’t done so much of the work myself,” adds Ben. “You could easily add another 20-30K in labour, but designing lighting effects is my passion and it was great to experiment. It’s such a fabulous result. I love it here!”

Images courtesy of Jake Fitzjones.

Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

November 12, 2012 | Property | View comments

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