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Contemporary Buenos Mares Property, Uruguay

Commissioned in 2008 and completed in 2009, the Buenos Mares holiday home in José Ignacio, Uruguay, was designed by Swiss office Richter – Dahl Rocha & Associés.

The contemporary Uruguayan property is used mainly during the summer periods and less so in winter. It is located next to the sea on a privileged lot on the tame beach of Jose Ignacio. The site presents a moderate slope towards the sea and beautiful views to west and sunset. Along the southern facade, a public access path, very much used in summer, leads to the beach.

The contemporary Uruguayan property extends on only one level, which spreads out due to the natural slope of the ground.

This level of luxury Uruguayan house is formed by a series of pavilions built of stonewalls, separated by patios and covered by a large green roof. This slab is a powerful horizontal gesture that relates the house to the maritime horizon. Both elements define the social area of the house like a sequence of exterior, interior and semi-covered spaces that relate to each other and allow for diverse uses, in adaptation to the local climate. In summer, the large picture windows are completely opened and allow to live in this house under a huge shaded space.

The house presents a more massive volume on the southern side, sheltering service areas and looking to protect itself from the wind and the public access path to the beach. As a counterpoint, a tower in the corner, houses the master bedroom and defines the home’s discreet presence in the landscape of the town of Jose Ignacio.

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