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Contemporary Casa Tiera, Mexico City

Mexico City-based architectural practice Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos have completed the Casa Tierra project. This contemporary property can be found located in the Cumbres de Santa Fe development, Mexico City, Mexico.

According to the architects: “The master plan for Cumbres de Santa Fe was developed under the premise that landscape architecture is one the of the modern urban professions of design and represents a synthesis of art, science and philosophy aiming to take care of the scenery of the earth in a truly holistic, creative and sustainable way.

“The luxury Mexican property is surrounded by three streams (Helechos, Atzoyapan and the Grand Entrance stream) that were taken into consideration when conceiving the project with the commitment to have a total respect for these protected ecological areas and to incorporate them into the landscape design. The privileged location of this development, with all this green areas around it, is the intrinsic value that makes it stand out as a true example to the community.

“For the design of Casa Tierra (Earth House) the project was developed in order to be friendly with the surroundings and with a high energetic performance respecting all the premises under the Cumbres de Santa Fe master plan was established and how the architects consider all the 21st-century houses should be built.

“The project is supported on the conscience that has always been our trade mark when developing architecture adequate to the environment that also responds to the sustainable and environmental design trend that has been increasing in the last years. The contemporary Mexican property is an example of the rational use of all the resources and the total respect for the surrounding environment. In its design all the guidelines of the complex were followed and elements that characterise its urbanization, such as: natural stone, grey concrete, black and white shades were incorporated. The gardens around the contemporary house were integrated to the natural surroundings to create a complete atmosphere.”

Images courtesy of Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos.

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