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Colourful interior design by Margeza


Hungarian studio, Margeza, have designed the We can dream in colour project. The private property belongs to the founders of Margeza and can be found in Budapest, Hungary.

The contemporary apartment belongs to a retired Belgian couple.  They have five adult children and live close to the Belgian-Luxembourgian border, but often spend time in Budapest.


According to the architects: “We bought an apartment in a bad state of repair, that we completely gutted, so that we could redesign it.

“The lead pattern of the apartment is the ellipse, which appears in multiple places. We needed a spacious living-dining-bedroom area, as well as a quest room and a study.

“Light was exceptionally important for us, so we had inner windows placed, so the sunshine could travel through without obstruction. Cambered walls guide the eyes after entering.


“We tried to place every piece of furniture on the walls, so as to give a floating feeling to it. We are passionate about objects of contemporary interior design.

“We placed LED lamps and energy-conserving appliances everywhere, because we consider protecting the environment important.


“Our goal was to create a homely, light and happy ambiance. The bedroom and bathroom area received extra attention. We wanted it to be an island of regeneration. The carpet around the bath was handmade. The colourful pillows in several areas of the apartment are the works of the textile designer house mistress.”

Images courtesy of Péter Kőrösi

Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

October 28, 2013 | Property | View comments

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