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Chic O.A.S.E Medical Library, Germany

International designs studio HPP Architects have completed the O.A.S.E. Medical Library project. Completed in 2011, the contemporary medical library can be found in Düsseldorf, Germany.

According to the architects: “With the new Medical Library Düsseldorf´s Heinrich-Heine-University receives a pulsating space for studying, reading, learning, inspiration and social encounter.

“The design for the 38 meter high contemporary German property structure stacks the various functions on top of one another and is the architectural expression of a capillary system. This idea is very effectively displayed through the smooth, white skin of the façade that forms a network of organic glass shapes over the slender cube – a lively building with high identification and recognition value.”

A place of Exchange, of Innovative Teaching and Learning and of Development

“The name evokes longing and although the name Oasis is chiefly a play on words, the architecture of the new medical library of the Heinrich Heine University and the University Clinic in Dusseldorf demonstrates clear similarities with a fertile spot in the desert. Not through its form but through its concept; the brief was to design a space for enthusiastic learning; a place of exchange, of innovative teaching and learning and of development. The initial letters of these concepts in German together form the word O.A.S.E. – oasis. In less than two and a half years of design and construction we managed to create a landmark on the campus of university in the North Rhine Westphalian capital. The new medical library is part of the 2030 Master Plan to reorganise the 14 hectare university campus in the Wersten district of the city. Constant expansion of the university over the past few decades led to an extremely heterogeneous appearance. New identification points are required; a lighthouse project for innovative teaching and learning, for example.”

Images courtesy of Jens Kirchner.

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