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Cascading Creek House by Bercy Chen Studio

Bercy Chen Studio have designed the Cascading Creek House in rural Texas. The Cascading Creek House is a peaceful, elegant and luxury home which is well-executed in its understated design.

The initial location chosen by Bercy Chen Studio is ideal for this home. Surrounded by the beautiful Texan scenery, the home becomes more of an outgrowth of its environs rather than an unwelcome burden, allowing it to flourish. As opposed to many pieces of modern architecture utilising an over-saturation of dramatic, angular forms and shocking colours, the Cascading Creek House is more understated, allowing it to become more of a charming, elegant household; an excellent, effective technique. The residence presents itself generously towards the wilderness below, embracing nature without overwhelming it.

The use of semi-opaque glass is exceptional, and the simple wood furnishings and panelling on the interior give the home a refined, sophisticated feel. While the comfortable, bright furnishings offer luxurious living on the inside, the patio area provides a spacious, lavish pool and large seating area with beautiful views of the Texan countryside. The bedroom screams modern architecture, with gorgeous contemporary art and a modern fireplace placed within a large façade. The views continue to astonish.

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November 15, 2011 | Property | View comments

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