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Brooks Avenue House by Bricault Design

Canada based architects Bricault have designed the Brooks Avenue House in Venice, California, a vast residence which couples efficiency with luxury.The clients for the project – the houses lasting tenants – were desperate to have more space to accommodate their growing family, but felt their current location provided an excellent and effective backdrop to family life.

The solution to the problem was simple; to maintain and remodel the existing 2000 square foot home and create a 1700 square foot addition and courtyard on the rear, maximising the potential for space, freedom and leisure. Another renovation to the remaining house was to abolish the need for air conditioning in what is an ideal climate for much of the year. The answer to this was to install a simple yet effective sculptural staircase. As well as linking the ground floor to the roof, this staircase doubles as a chimney to provide a cool breeze throughout the house.

The exterior to the house is unconventional yet luxurious, with part of the renovated rooftop divided between a highly productive vegetable garden and indigenous, low-maintenance grasses and shrubs, sustaining a natural and homely feel. The roof also supports a solar panel array that is sufficient to meet household needs.

The interior of the house maintains a lavish and luxurious feel, every room providing enough space and privacy to deliver comfort and solitude to a family when needed.

Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

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